Going up the Piccini’s family tree is a journey that takes us back to the mid-19th century. The first certain news is Serafino Piccini, who on February 9th, 1861 marries Maria Assunta Borghi in Poggibonsi. Not even a year passes and the family has already enlarged. Angiolo Piccini was born on December 1st,1861 in Poggibonsi. Angiolo, the true founder of this family tradition, rolled up his sleeves and in 1882 launched a small business that was destined to forge the Tuscan and Italian wine culture.
A handful of years later, in 1909, the company already boasts a first level reputation and Angiolo can talk about it with pride:
“My house, well known for many years of existence, has now become one of the oldest and primary in this region, and thanks to the delicacy of my refined products and a serious and impeccable service, I was able to get an important job. The countless acts of merit received from all over the Kingdom and abroad are enough to testify the merit of my genres “.
In 1913 Angiolo requested and obtained from the Chamber of Commerce “on headed paper” the title of “Angiolo Piccini, a producer of wines and oils, awarded in 1912”.The following year, his eldest son, Mario, began to support him in his work. Father and son worked hard, so much that in the electoral lists from 1920 to 1927 they were “wine and oil merchants and producers”, the first embryo of what would later will be called “Angiolo Piccini & Figli, Award-winning Producer and Exporter”
On the death of Angiolo, in 1925 his sons Mario and Arturo pick up his baton: Piccini becomes more and more a family business. The heirs, “who for a long time have given their entire work to the trade”, move their headquarters to Via della Stazione, in Poggibonsi, ready to launch their company in the Olympus of the wine trade.