In 2004, the reins of the company passed from Pierangiolo to his son Mario: the Piccini dynasty thus reaches its fourth generation. Mario keeps the company’s DNA unchanged: love and respect for the past, with a relentless drive towards the future, that animates all his initiatives. 

A double glance that over the course of a century has forged Piccini’s fortunes. In this regard, Mario likes to repeat: “My father told us very clearly that we would not go anywhere without energy and passion. There is a big difference between inheriting and building a winery company; following his leadership, we built it as a team.” 

In these years, once again, Mario looks at the future of the company: Piccini put roots outside Tuscany, taking on an increasingly national profile also at a production level. In 2013 the family invests in Basilicata, acquiring Regio Cantina farm, which extends over 15 hectares of vineyards, dedicated exclusively for the production of Aglianico del Vulture. 

In 2016 it was the turn of Sicily, where Piccini completed the purchase of the vineyards of Torre Mora, 11 hectares in the spectacular setting of Etna Doc.
The lively passion that flows in the Piccini generations since 1882 has allowed the company to stand out on the national scene and successfully launch itself into foreign markets, where its wines are distributed in about eighty countries. 

The story, however, continues: under the expert guidance of Mario Piccini, a new generation is refining the tools of the trade, ready to write a new chapter of success and to raise Piccini’s flag in Italy and around the world.