Under the leadership of Mario Piccini, the company enjoys continuous successes that contributes forging its golden age. In truth, Mario’s mission is far from easy: his path collides with the turbulence of history. However, neither the Great Depression nor the bombs of the Second World War break the course of Piccini, who indeed continues his relentless rise
Mario turns out to be a strict guardian of the family tradition and a lively innovator. An incurable optimist and leader of volcanic energy, Mario, nicknamed “the horse man”, constantly strives to acquire new customers and enhance existing ones. Piccini is now synonymous of absolute quality and his Chianti Preferito, “the gourmet wine”, is the proof of this.
Even the customers do not remain indifferent to the growing notoriety of Piccini and express their loyalty with a deep attachment to its products. At the same time, thanks to the feverish activity of regional producers, Chianti wine is imposing itself as one of the most popular wine products of Italy. Success is guaranteed.
In the meantime, Mario Piccini got married with Maria Assunta. Their marriage is enhanced by the joy of four children: Maria Luisa, Simonetta, Mitzi and their only son, Pierangiolo, born in 1934. And it is the latter who has been chosen to take up the family inheritance.