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Piccini 1882 sets itself the ambitious goal of telling the Italy of wine through its most prestigious territories. In addition to the successful brand, the Piccini family has inaugurated the estates project. Five corners of Italy that contain our wines excellence.

A red thread connects and animates the five estates: a production philosophy that enhances the link between the wines and their place of origin . To respect the environment, a strict organic regime is observed since the 2018 vintage.

Regio Cantina


Regio Cantina is surrounded by volcanic hills, located at the foot of Mount Vulture, a picturesque landscape on the edge of the ancient Lucanian village of Venosa, in the north-eastern part of Basilicata.

The territory  “Aglianico del Vulture DOC” in perfect harmony with the typical vine that takes its name – Aglianico – is a clear example of the combination between vine and territory, a concept at the heart of the company philosophy.

The company owns 15 hectares of vineyards located at 380 meters above sea level, which enjoys a favorable exposure associated with the lava nature of the soil, 
they impart extremely distinctive mineral and spicy characteristics.

The grapes come from four different plots, planted exclusively with Aglianico vines aged between 15 and 20 years, under organic conditions.

Regio Cantina


The purpose of our work is to do all we can to ensure that the plant grows healthy and robust to resist parasites and be able to feed naturally. To achieve this goal, we know we have to safeguard the biodiversity within the estate, a key element in maintaining a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard.

However, nothing would be possible without the contribution of the living earth, which spreads its energies and vivifies the vines.

The company philosophy is closely linked to sustainable viticulture, the choice of traditional methods, the quality of the grapes and the culture of the territory, combined with the constant search for innovation.

The harvest, strictly manual, is carried out from the second half of October for 3-4 weeks, until the first week of November. The entire production process, including vinification and subsequent aging in wood, takes place entirely at the estate.

Do you want to discover all
the Regio Cantina wines?