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Piccini 1882 sets itself the ambitious goal of telling the Italy of wine through its most prestigious territories. In addition to the successful brand, the Piccini family has inaugurated the estates project. Five corners of Italy that contain our wines excellence.

A red thread connects and animates the five estates: a production philosophy that enhances the link between the wines and their place of origin . To respect the environment, a strict organic regime is observed since the 2018 vintage.

Villa al Cortile


Villa al Cortile, farm estate in Montalcino owned by the Piccini family, stands on the southern side of the Brunello di Montalcino production area, extending for about 12 hectares of vineyards. The 12 hectares of the Villa al Cortile estate are divided between 8 hectares of Montesoli, north of Montalcino, and 4 hectares of Lavacchio,  located south-west of Montalcino. The vineyards in the northern area have a north and north-east exposure, with significantly cooler temperatures, which usually give a more marked acidity, a fundamental element for a classic Brunello destined for a long aging.

The vineyards in the southwestern area, on the other hand, enjoy a longer exposure to the sun and hot winds which, coming from the coast, usually infuse more concentration, warmth and a more intensely fruity character. 

Especially during the ripening phase of the grapes, the temperature range plays a fundamental role in the formation of primary aromas, when the first morning sun takes away the cold of the night- Thus hot days and cold nights lengthen the maturation, helping to give finesse and depth to the wine.

Villa al Cortile

Production Philosophy

In the production of Brunello we try to follow the rules of simplicity, balance and tradition. Our ambition is to respect as much as possible the combination of grape variety and territory, despite the difference that each vintage brings with it.

For us this means above all not looking for maximum extraction, exasperated concentration and strong flavors, but rather balance and harmony, enhancing the characteristics of Sangiovese in its territory of excellence, Montalcino.

Each vintage has a different story: drought, torrential rains, cold or hot summers can significantly affect the optimal ripening of the grapes and the characteristics of the product The different positioning of our vineyards allow a gradual and well-distributed harvest over time, carried out by hand in boxes of about 15 kg. Maceration takes place at a controlled temperature, in small and medium-sized steel fermenters, for no more than 7-10 days with frequent pumping-over and one or two delestages.

The racking of the flower wine is followed by a soft pressing of the marc. The new wine is then left to settle in order to eliminate the lees, leaving the malolactic fermentation to take place naturally.

In Montalcino aging is just a matter of time: nothing must be rushed, the only main actor is the placid passing of the months.

Brunello and Brunello Riserva age in wood between 24 and 36 months, during which the wines, always divided into individual vineyards of origin, are constantly monitored. 
Sangiovese and its characteristics receive our most tender care.

The aging process in wood is necessary to increase the complexity of the wines, without altering the original component coming from the grapes. For this reason we use oak barrels of volumes between 20 and 50 hectoliters that do not release too much spicy hints of wood.

Do you want to discover all
the Villa al Cortile wines?